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Shooting the .280 Ackley Improved

It’s a caliber that few have heard of, and even less have actually fired, let alone seen the ammunition. If you’re drawing a blank as to what it looks like or where it falls...


2015 MN Deer Regulations

We’re looking at another deer season with intense restrictions for harvesting deer in order to build the population back up in Minnesota. The MN Department of Natural Resources is remaining optimistic that after a...


Hunting with a Suppressor

It is an exciting time as Suppressors were Legalized in MN as of July 1st this year and now come August 1st we’ll be able to hunt with them as well. A lot of people...


Black Bear Hunting: Learn from My Mistakes

Now that the black bear season is coming to a close in Minnesota most people are recounting their glorious tales of the hunt. Black bear hunting as with any big game animal takes preparation,...


MN DNR Tightens Deer Seasons

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has drastically changed the whitetail deer permit areas for the 2014 season. “In 95 percent of the state only one deer can be harvested” as stated on the...