Open Carry Activists, Right or Wrong?

Adam Scepaniak

Hello everyone! I'm the C.M.O. and Manager for The Guns and Gear Store of Rogers and Waite Park, MN. Also, I'm a Smith & Wesson Certified Armorer, Glock Certified Armorer, a guest writer for Sierra Bullets, an avid pistol shooter, reloader, and have an addiction to classic double-action Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers. I love the challenge of hunting different game whether its elk, black bear, feral hogs, whitetail deer, or prairie dogs. What can I say? I love my firearms, the great outdoors, and I have a wonderful family to do all of this with!

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This can be a quite a controversial subject .. The open carry activist do have a right to carry .. as in Texas a long gun. However, as with any “Right” comes responsibility, and to display a weapon, any weapon, in a manner that can be perceived as “menacing” and “threatening” to the majority of the public is NOT being a responsible gun owner. Living here in Minnesota where we can Open Carry Handguns, I have, on several occasions done so. I have NEVER been approached and told to leave or to “conceal” my weapon. Usually the reason for me to open carry is because I usually carry a Full size Ruger SR 1911 45 or a Ruger P95 double stack 9mm on the outside of my pants but under a suit coat or sports jacket .. at times when I’m in a building such as a Restaurant it gets too warm, I’ll remove my jacket. I don’t do it as a form of intimidation or in a threatening manner. I am well groomed and well mannered and polite and courteous to all the people around me …. THAT is MY Responsibility as a gun owner and as someone who occasionally will ‘Open Carry”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Personally I understand their motive but the point should be carried towards pistols and not long guns. I believe that running around with a sks or ar is just slamming it into the faces of law enforcement. If they want to make a point then carry a pistol because that is what 99% of the carry permit holders will be carrying.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stores that had no opinion now are against the carrying of firearms in there store. How is the strategy of open carry folks working so far?

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